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Proposed Trash Amendment to Phase 2 MS4 Permits
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5/15/2013 at 6:51:49 PM GMT
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Proposed Trash Amendment to Phase 2 MS4 Permits

Please find attached issue paper from the State Water Resources Control Board concerning the development of a Trash Amendment to the new Phase 2 MS4 permit. 

I would appreciate any insight from FMA members regarding the installation, maintenance, and cost of the "full (100%) capture system" for storm drains described within "Track 1" of the issue paper. 

In my opinion, the installation of 5mm mesh screens on drain inlets would appear to cause a great deal of localized flooding problems that could become a potential liability for a municipality forced to comply with this part of the new amendment.  

I would like to hear from FMA members that have experience with drain inlet screens.  In addition, please feel free to post any additional comments regarding the attached Trash Amendment issue paper.  

Thank you,


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5/28/2013 at 4:27:55 PM GMT
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Portions of "urbanized" Lake County are considered an MS4, due to population density and the TMDLs on Clear Lake.  Much of our MS4 are rural in nature and consist of open ditches and cross-culverts.  This makes 100% capture impossible without a multi-million dollar investment in infrastructure, leaving Lake County  only the Track 2 option. 

We do see issues with the 100% capture option and how it would be likely to create localized flooding without major upgrades to the stormwater inlets to allow for "blockage" well in excess of 50%.




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