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2013 FMA 2D Modeling Round-Table Thoughts
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9/11/2013 at 1:54:49 AM GMT
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2013 FMA 2D Modeling Round-Table Thoughts

From our discussion at 2013 FMA conference modeling round-table I had the following thoughts/questions:

1. Validating models - would it make sense for FMA to not only have a bunch of test cases similar to the UK tests for 1D/2D models, but also have documentation that cities, counties, or agencies could just download and provide with their FEMA submittal to say that the model has been validated?

2.  Should FMA keep a list of validated 1D/2D models and what each model can and cannot do on the FMA website to help engineers make decisions on which model to use?

3.  It would be very helpful for those who need to review models if there was a standard output format that all models could be exported into.  Is this something that FMA and developers could work on before the conference next year?  Maybe some tools could then be developed to help create the required information that FEMA requires.

5.  One of the biggest challenges I see FEMA facing is determining what data they need for 2D submittals (i.e. terrain, input and output files, GIS) and how they are going to store it.  Does anyone have any ideas  that we could pass on to FEMA?

4.  Since it takes time for FEMA to make changes, is there anything that we should bring to their attention now that will be a problem in 5 years that is not a problem now so in 5 years it will already be resolved?  

I look forward to hearing other peoples thoughts and questions that they might have also.


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