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2017 Conference Presenations - Thursday
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2016 Comprehensive Flood Management Plan

2017 FMA Annual Membership Meeting

Advancing CVFED Sacramento River Basin HECRAS 1D Model to Integrated 1D 2D Models

American River Flow Analysis Will the Past Hold for Future

Application of New Alternative Construction Materials for Floodplain Protection

Assessing Sea Level Rise Interventions Using Probabilistic Risk Analysis

Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study Monte Carlo Hydraulic Analysis

Building Coastal Resilience Understanding Hazards Adapting to Change Part 1

Building Floodplain Resiliency through Ecosystem Restoration

California Native Grasses on Levees

Camp Sacramento Erosion Control Project Five Years Later

Climate Change Adaptation and Coastal Resiliency Plan

Community Rating System Advanced or Underutilized Elements

Current and Future Coastal Erosion Hazards

Dominguez Gap Wetlands Multiuse Project

Ecosystem Restoration

Efficiencies for Flood Projects and O and M through Programmatic Permitting

Ensemble Flow Forecasts for Risk Based Reservoir Operations of Lake Mendocino

Evaluation of Levee Erosion Repairs to Provide Design Citeria for Improved SRA Habitat

FHWAs Activities and Advancements in 2D Hydraulic Modeling

Flood ER Grant Program

Flood is Groundwaters New Gold

Floodplain Reconnection on Butano Creek Design Implementation and Results from the First Season Part 1

Floodplain Reconnection on Butano Creek Design Implementation and Results from the First Season Part 2

Folsom Dam PMF Failure Analysis

FRM 101 The Process for Floodplain Management Plans a Short Course

From Drought to Flood - Anderson

From Drought to Flood Operational Issues and Challenges of Californias Recent 5 Year Drought

From Drought to Flood Ventura County

Future Proofing Our Floodplains

Governors Office of Planning and Research

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program and Application Overview

How Regional Coordination Secured a Successful Response

Hydrodynamic and Economic Modeling for Zone 7 Water Agencys Stream Management Master Plan

Improving Emergency Coordination on the Sacramento River and the Consumnes River Systems

Incorporate Climate Change Adaptation in Municipal Scale Urban Watershed Planning at the City of Mountain View

Incorporation of Burned Areas in Hydrology in Lake County California

Keeping Up With the NFIP

LA River Ecosystem Restoration

Levee Condition Assessment Using Remotely Sensed Data 

Levee Design in a Dynamic Floodplain Virgin River in Mesquite NV

Levee Threat Mitigation Process and Engineers Levee Threat Assessment

Managing Flooding at a Tideally Influenced Floodplain Restoration Site

Mapping the Future

Measuring Subsidence in the Central Valley of California Using Satellites and Aircraft

Mission of NWS Hydrologic Services Program

Mobile Mapping Pilot Study

Modeling Challenges in a Complex Urban Environment

Mohave Valley Future Condition Analysis

Mountain View Storm Drain Master Plan Climate Change and Rainfall Statistics

Multi Objective O and M Concepts and the State Plan of Flood Control


OC Public Works OC Survey Geospatial Unit

Overview of Adaptation Planning

Peyton Slough South Marsh McNabney Marsh System Hydraulic Analysis

Planning Flood Emergency Response

Post Fire Runoff Observations and the Development of Post Fire Debris Flow Precipitation Thresholds for Northern California

Preparing Californias Cities for Changes on the Coastline Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Programmatic Permitting

Realizing Permitting Efficiencies for Flood Projects and O and M through Programmatic Permitting

Reliability Analysis of Levee Performance Including Vegetation Effects

Rising Seas California State of the Science for Sea Level Rise in California

Sacramento River National Wildlife Multiple Benefits Through Design and Management

Santa Clara Valley Water District Stream Maintenance Program

Systems Streamflows and Stories

Silver Jacket Project Post Wildfire Guide

Solving the 2D Free Surface Flow Equations using Parallelised 1st and 2nd Order Solutions

Sonoma County Water Agency Water Supply Challenges During Recent Drought

State Plan of Flood Control Are All Levees Worth Keeping

Stochastic Reservoir Reliability Analysis

Subsidence Drought and Critical Water and Flood Infrastructure

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and Subsidence

Ten Years of Learning Lessons from English Levee Performance During Severe Flood Events

The Beacon Coast Coastal Resilience and the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell

The Use of Hydraulic Modeling to Predict Flooding Impacts

Understanding Potential Changes in Californias Wave Conditions and Coastal Hazards

Understanding the Risk Comprehensive System Modeling with xpswmm

Upper East Fork Cave Creek Area Drainage Master Plan Update

USACE Sacramento Rehabilitation Program Process and 2017 Update

Use of New Technologies Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Panel

Using Local Coastal Programs as a Tool to Respond to Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flood Hazards in the City of Del Mar

Using Multiple Modeling Tools to Understand Flood Control Improvement Strategies in Downtown Laguna Beach

Using Risk Analysis to Inform Levee Investment Priorities in the California and Dutch Deltas

Wallace Weir Fish Rescue Facility

Water Project Export Disruptions for Multiple Island Breach Scenarios using the Delta Emergency Response Tool

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