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FMA members are invited each year to nominate an organization or individual to receive one of several awards presented by the Association at the FMA Annual Conference.

2020 FMA Awards


2020 FMA Award Winners

Award Descriptions

As an FMA member, you are invited to nominate an organization, an individual, or a team to receive one of the following awards:

Floodplain Manager of the Year (Team or Individual)

This award seeks to recognize outstanding individual or team efforts and contributions to floodplain management. The Floodplain Manager of the Year is designed to honor an individual or team responsible for the development or implementation of a distinguished local program or activity. This award is given by the Association to individuals or teams who are highly instrumental in carrying forward the goals and objectives of floodplain management.

Award for Excellence

This award seeks to find and recognize outstanding floodplain management projects, programs and/or activities. Eligible entries include local, regional, and national government (such as cities, towns, counties, State, and Federal agencies), special districts, and private consulting engineers/firms. Eligible entries include either an overall program or a specific project or activity which epitomizes the best in floodplain management.

Hogg-Owen Award for Meritorious Achievement in the Floodplain Management Association

This award recognizes individuals who have achieved success in a significant activity that benefits the Floodplain Management Association. The activities shall include, but not be limited to, education, government, policy, research, litigation, outreach, implementation or other actions which demonstrate the advancement of the Association.

Karl Mohr Distinguished Service Award for National Activities

This award is given to recognize individuals who, through their long term efforts, have clearly influenced the realm of national floodplain management policies or activities, such as education, government, research, litigation, outreach, implementation or other actions.

Andy Lee Award for Extraordinary Public Service for State Activities

This award is given to individuals who have made extraordinary proactive flood management contributions benefiting the public, especially in the area of encouraging multi-benefit projects and/or flood education. The award is given to honor public sector recipients. This award honors Andy Lee who retired from state service after 41 years and initiated and strengthened many California floodplain management programs, including the mapping and outreach programs.

Communications and Outreach Award

This award was established to acknowledge exemplary efforts in communications and outreach on the part of communications media (written and/or visual), the incorporation of new technologies, or the novel use of existing technologies to increase information and/or awareness of flood issues with the general public.

Goddard Award for Outstanding Article in Floodplain Management

This award recognizes technical contributions to the FMA newsletter.

Integrated Flood Management Award

This award is given to individuals or project teams who have prepared and/or implemented a locally-approved, state-approved, or federally-approved multi-objective flood management plan. Candidate projects should demonstrate innovative advancements in water management as well as collaborative partnerships with community groups and the general public. Project outcomes should benefit many stakeholder interests such as environmental, flood control, recreational, and emergency planning and responsiveness.

Mentorship Award

This award recognize individuals who have contributed to the emerging professional community and/or academia.

Coastal Zone Management and Stewardship Award

Recipients of this award are recognized for their outstanding coastal project, program, or policy, encouraging resilient solutions that reduce coastal flood risks, increase stewardship of coastal resources, or educate coastal communities about coastal hazards. Awardee may include municipalities, state and Federal agencies, professionals, academia, or special districts.

Instructions and Awards Program Contact

Complete the Nomination Form and e-mail to Ricardo Pineda,

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